Another Earthquake in Italy

Important Update: October 30–6.1 Earthquake centered at Norcia.There are no reports of damage or injury at the Sanctuary Basilica of the Holy Face.  Let us pray that God keeps His little place in Manoppello safe.

Central Italy has once again been hit by a terrible earthquake. “I am praying for the injured and the families who have suffered the most damage, as well as for rescue and First Aid workers,” Pope Francis told the crowds at St. Peter’s Square this morning.

Please pray for those affected by the earthquake in Italy in Central Italy. Jesus is present in all who suffer and can bring good, we pray, even out of this catastrophic event.

“O, Lord of Hosts, restore us; Let Your Face shine on us,that we may be saved.” (Ps. 80:4)

Venerable Padre Domenico da Cese, please intercede for any deceased, trapped

Servant of God, Padre Domenico da Cese
Servant of God, Padre Domenico da Cese

victims, and the rescuers. 

(Padre Domenico, predicted, in 1915, a devastating earthquake as a small boy, which hit that region the next morning, killing 30,000 people, including two of his sisters and burying he and his father in the rubble of their church.  A man he didn’t know, pulled him from the rubble to safety, whose face he later recognized when he first visited the Shrine of the Holy Face as the Face of Jesus on the miraculous veil.  When he knelt before the Holy Face on the Veil, he exclaimed, “This is the man who saved me from the rubble…” He asked to remain at the Shrine and was there until the time of his death.)