Holy Face Novena – Day 7

 Holy Face Novena Alpha-Omega Prayer and Act of Consecration to The Holy Face for ourselves and our families

Each days prayers will be posted for the novena and the Act of Consecration to the Holy Face will be posted on The Feast of the Holy Face.  (All Novena prayers may also be found in the tab above.)  Urgent Prayer Request:  In your charity please pray for our friend the author and journalist Paul Badde who is recovering from  heart bypass surgery. He is an ardent lover of the Holy Face of Jesus and gives everything he has to make the Holy Face of Manoppello known and loved in the world!

“I firmly wish that my face reflecting the intimate pains of my soul, the suffering and love of my heart, be more honored!  Whoever gazes upon me already consoles me.” (Our Lord to Blessed Mother Pierina De Micheli)

"For God so loved the world..."
“For God so loved the world…”

Day 7:  Daily Preparatory Prayer

O Most Holy and Blessed Trinity, through the intercession of Holy Mary, whose soul was pierced through by a sword of sorrow at the sight of the passion of her Divine Son, we ask your help in making a perfect Novena of reparation with Jesus, united with His sorrows, love and total abandonment.

We now implore all the Angels and Saints to intercede for us as we pray this Holy Novena to the Most Holy Face of Jesus and for the glory of the most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Seventh Day

Psalm 51: 14-15

Give me again the joy of your help, with a spirit of fervor sustain me, that I may teach

"Behold the Man!"
ECCE HOMO! “Behold the Man!”

transgressors your ways and sinners may return to you.

Lord Jesus!  After contemplating Thy features, disfigured by grief, after meditating upon Thy passion with compunction and love, how can our hearts fail to be inflamed with a holy hatred of sin, which even now outrages Thy Adorable Face!  Lord suffer us not to be content with mere compassion, but give us grace so closely to follow Thee in this Calvary, so that the opprobrium destined for Thee may fall on us.  O Jesus, that thus we may have a share, small though it may be, in expiation of sin.  Amen.

Mary our Mother, intercede for us, St. Joseph, pray for us.

Through the merits of your precious blood and your Holy Face, O Jesus, grant us our petition, …Pardon and mercy.

"Lord, grant to your Church to stand like Your Virgin Mother, at the glorious Cross and all the crosses of all people to bring about consolation, hope and comfort." -- St. Pope John Paul II
“Lord, grant to your Church to stand like Your Virgin Mother, at the glorious Cross and all the crosses of all people to bring about consolation, hope and comfort.” — St. Pope John Paul II

Prayer in Honor of Mary

Hail Mary, Daughter of God the Father!  Hail Mary, Mother of God the Son!  Hail Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit!  Hail Mary, Temple of The Most Holy Trinity!  Hail Mary, our mistress, our wealth, our mystic rose, Queen of our hearts, our Mother, our life, our sweetness and our dearest hope!  We are all thine, and all we have is thine.  O Virgin blessed above all things, may Thy soul be in us to magnify the Lord; may Thy spirit be in us to rejoice in God.  Place Thyself, O faithful Virgin, as a seal upon our hearts, that in Thee and through Thee we may be found faithful to God.  Grant, most gracious Virgin, that we may be numbered among those who Thou are pleased to love, to teach and to guide, to favor and to protect as Thy children.  Grant that with the help of Thy love, we may despise all earthly consolation and cling to heavenly things, until through the Holy Spirit, Thy faithful spouse and through Thee, His faithful spouse, Jesus Christ, Thy Son, be formed within us for the glory of the Father.  Amen.  (St. Louis De Montfort)

Pray one (1) Our Father, three (3) Hail Mary’s, one (1) Glory Be.

O Bleeding Face, O Face Divine, be every adoration Thine. (3 times)

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