The Light of His Gaze

“As a thirsty doe longs for the springs of fresh water, so my soul longs for You, O God! My soul thirsts for the living God! When shall I see Him face to face?”  (Psalm 42)

Holy Face Veil of Manoppello, Italy (Photo: Paul Badde/EWTN)
                                             I long to behold the light of His gaze.
                                             Oh! What splendor must shine in His eyes!
                                             In contemplating this Only Begotten of the Father
                                             I will have the Three and I will have all of Heaven!
                                             He will make His light shine in my soul,
                                             He will purify me in divine flames!
                                             O my adored Word
                                            Luminous Beauty,
                                            Look upon me! ~St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
“… the soul will live, like the immutable Trinity, in an eternal present, ‘adoring Him always because of Himself, ‘and becoming by an always more simple, more intuitive gaze, ‘the splendor of His glory,’ that is the unceasing praise of glory of His adorable perfections.” ~St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, Feast Day, November 8th

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